Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Vows

Our wedding was a small ceremony at the Chelsea Town Hall.  We decided to keep the decor simple but embellished the atmosphere by writing our own vows.  We didn't show them to each other so that they would be a surprise on the day.  While writing them though, I wanted to see what other people did and felt that it would be nice to share ours as other couples did in case anyone needed a bit of inspiration.

My friend who was my witness at the ceremony pointed out that the vows were great because we both completely wrote our vows with the focus on the other person.  The writing may be hard to read so I'll transcribe them here.

Christian's Vow (The most beautiful thing my ears have ever heard when read out by him at the ceremony!):

From the first moment I saw your infectious sunshine filled smile, I knew, in a weird and magical way, that this wonderful day would come.  And although at times I felt undeserving of such a wonderful person, I vowed I would do everything to prove to you that I was the one.  The days seemed so long while you were away and yet would go by so fast when we were together again.  Nothing has changed. My love has never waned or faltered. My love and affections grow still by the day, and yet I can never do enough to show you. And so, this ring is my heart's promise to you that I will spend the rest of my days and nights loving, caring and showing you love and happiness. That I will make you feel special everyday. That I will share in my fortunes and adventures. That together, we will overcome any obstacle. That I will protect you and carry you. That we will grow old together and eventually journey through to eternity, holding hands, side by side. The universe has given me a gift beyond anything I could have ever wished for.  The gift of you, my true love and happiness, forever.

My Vows (Personally, I think Christian's are way more romantic, but in my defense, I did write them for a guy so didn't want to make it too gooey):

My darling Christian, on this day, I am so excited to become your wife. To spend everyday with you as I have for the past three years has been heaven on earth.  As we embark on our next adventure, I would like to make you a few promises.

I promise to remain a hopeless romantic and show you everyday how I feel about you.

I promise to cherish every second we have together, even if we could live for eternity.

I promise to support and encourage your dreams and to be patient on our journey to complete happiness and freedom.

I promise to make you laugh and remind you to enjoy life by igniting your imagination.

Most importantly, I promise that I will love you forever and will fill our life with all that is required to live happily ever after.

We're MARRIED!!!

We're Married!!! And what a day it was!! I wish I could re-live it over and over as it was the most perfect day! Considering that neither of us ever thought we would get married and didn't think at all about what it would be like, it came together surprisingly nicely.

Although not all our loved ones were present....or invited, I wouldn't have had it any other way, for now.  Every couple should have a wedding with practically no one except the witnesses because then it truly becomes about the two of you.  There's no fear in crying, in expressing your love, in really looking into each other's eyes or even wanting to burst into a fit of laughter.

My wedding ring (pictured above) is the most beautiful ring I've ever seen! The best thing about it is that it didn't cost us a fortune but means so much.  I don't really care about diamonds, nor do I necessarily want a strong wedding band as I don't feel it is very me.  Luckily, we stumbled on this Alex Monroe ring which literally looks like a fairytale on my finger.  It reminds me daily of the miracle that is our love!

In the near future, we'll get married all over again not just for all the people who couldn't be there, but also because it would be such a shame to not be able to remind each other how much we love each other in the most elaborate way, all over again. One of the strongest emotions I've ever felt was the longing and wishing for the day to never end.  I love being married to Mr. Alegria (Happiness)!

So Magical!!!