Sunday, November 20, 2011


Always keep your eyes open for signs and answers. Today I found these! If they are too small for you to read, I'll start with the Love one because it just feels so familiar and wonderful!!

"Fall in Love. Be passionate and fearless. Listen to your heart. Be thoughtful and generous. Believe in love at first sight. Holds hands. Laugh nervously. Write love letters and make homemade gifts. Get dressed up for a date. Feel butterflies in your stomache. Run away together. Stay in bed all day. Create memories you will tell your grandchildren about. Cuddle. Learn from each other. Be patient and kind with your words. Grow old together. Be spontaneous and impulsive. Kiss each other goodnight. Remember why you fell in love. THIS IS YOUR HAPPILY EVER AFTER."

And as for Friends:

"A friend is one that knows you as you are. Understands where you have been. Accepts what you have and allows you to grow."


  1. where did you find these i would love that black and red one for my bedroom do you know who they are by?

  2. Same as post above, where the heck did you find these?

  3. hi Im looking for that Love sign.. where did you get it?